The funny part is that I was so relaxed I fell asleep!

I had an MRI on Tuesday February 3, 2015. The area that needed to be scanned was my right knee which has endured two total knee replacements in the last couple years.

With that said I already have had many MRI studies in my lifetime, but still find them uncomfortable and somewhat claustrophobic. I must tell you Emily that I needed no pill(s) of any kind to calm myself down because of you. You showed me so much compassion, and understanding that I soon felt confident that I could complete the task set forth, the MRI.

I don’t mean to complain, but my knee was throbbing and so swollen I was really very frightened and really hurting. Emily you continued to ease my nerves and I was able to resume my feeling of confidence and got through the test. The funny part is that I was so relaxed I fell asleep! I never experienced that before!

Honestly, Dr. Spade’s MRI Center is so so comfortable, less noisy, (Ear plugs are not really necessary), clean, very open, much faster than ANY MRI machine I have ever been tested in. Of course, the best part was you Emily your persona was definitely the most important part and the best part of the entire procedure.

I had a back MRI awhile back at St. Charles and Emily was just as outstanding. I meant to write a note back then, but unfortunately didn’t get around to it. I would like to apologize for that because Emily you were just as calming as stated you deserve letters like this. I realize we all have and abide by busy schedules and all, but it doesn’t take long to jot down a note when someone has made a huge difference in your life. I would of course use your MRI again and hope to find you there.

Emily I’ll never forget you or your amazing demeanor!

An Undeniably Satisfied and Grateful,
Pat. O

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