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The funny part is that I was so relaxed I fell asleep!

"Honestly, Dr. Spade’s MRI Center is so comfortable, less noisy, clean, very open, much faster than ANY MRI machine I have ever been tested in."

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I have had over 6 MRIs in my lifetime. My last one taken at St. Charles Imaging was the best ever.

"Thanks St. Charles Imaging for caring and taking the extra time to see that the patient’s concerns were heard."

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It was a quick and pleasurable experience.

"It was a quick and pleasurable experience. I would defiantly recommend this place. Excellent facility and professional staff."

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I highly recommend St. Charles Imaging Center.

"I was not able to get the needed MRI’s to properly diagnose my problem or to have my back surgery until I found the St. Charles Imaging Center."

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The experience was outstanding.

"The beauty of a medium sized facility such as St. Charles Imaging is that everything runs like a Swiss clock."

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